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Do not want to go to the Karuizawa meeting by me.


...festival of the held roadster.. at the end of this month ..wanting go though
it is a Karuizawa meeting...

...wanting .... take it...

Think..now..move..company..project..perhaps..in those days..peak..receive..perhaps..weekend..go to office..schedule..unite.

...wanting go... ..wanting make the friend...

Let's go only even on Sunday.
But..get acquainted with..provide..alone..go..happily..become.

To tell the truth, there are few friends in Tokyo because they cannot play at all for these several years because it is too busy after it goes to Tokyo.
It is an unexpectedly lonely guy.

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2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster

The site where I often collect car information includes the site of "MOTOR CITIES" though it is foreign site.
Now and then..east and west..various..car..high-resolution..photo..enjoy..this..site..how..high-resolution..image..blog..photograph..publish..tag..issue.

Only ..rhea.. photograph etc. can also Copipe the putting code (Embed this photo on your web page or blog under the photograph), it publish, and only this use can be published as shown in a top photograph of this article for instance (illustration).

In addition, detailed spec information is published, and because the contribution to various social bookmarks is also possible, the car sites where convenience is considerably good though it is English.

Please see once by all means.

By the way, tag that can publish the sample image of each car all at once
is issued.
It becomes it like this.
2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Coupe - Retractable Hardtop Roadster

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Roadster RHT witnessing.


RHT of the overpass of this side of Naka-Meguro the same as the residential area was seen a
little in this side a little while ago at 0 o'clock tonight. The color is same blue as me.
RHT was seen to run excluding the offline meeting for the first time in the public thoroughfare.
Indeed, I am seen in that way or Caccoii.
Even if it is closed, it is Caccoii though here opens, and the other side was made closed.
The driver was a Tira man of 40 ? in his/her fifties seeing.
Please do happily if you see this blog.

The sound "Cachacacha" that something variously hits suddenly : from the rear side of the left when running very much though it is a post-bytalk.
It is not a wind to which something exposes oneself, and either abnormal none even if falling below is seen though stop and examined.
It is Cachacacha again when beginning to run. The allophone that not is before : though it was a small sound that really gets hoarse.
Is it amusing what it is for Stabi or each chassis??About 5milli small stone fitted in and was crowded when thinking, getting off again, and seeing in the ditch of the tire.

It is the one noticed it is always neatly opposite to the car by such a trifling thing.

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Expression that mind dances.
I do not have the so many things that the mind dances recently excluding the roadster. Though there is saying that another cannot begin to find it easily working to the last train every day.

What the mind dances found after a long time there is here.

The minivan and Lexus, and it is after a long time and CM of feeling CIVIC TYPE R in Kitar only in the skyline (Though each CM is considerably Caccoii's of course) recently real as for CM of the car.
Though it is a car blog of Mazda and the introduction of the other companies is Are.

It has been broadcast since this spring when the charm of the car remains, it is CM where it is not and transmits developer's zeal though this Movie is a version first time.
It is an image where the image where the feeling of the high rotation of the speed feeling and i-VTEC is transmitted is transmitted hard.

As for CM, CM of Mazda is also always favorite.
Gooseflesh went out momentarily at the time of combined with the car the man when roadster NC left and "Super-it was possible to come" shouted. After (・∀・), it considerably likes Movie of ZOOM-ZOOM of the site of Mazda though it buys. I am felt saying that it really gets on the car when seeing happy.

Every day of my work pickle sleeps happily in and the place in which it thought, too, today if a lot of CM and contents where it talks to the consumer more, the mind is gripped, and the experience a little while ago transmits come out though of course, various CM is in the world.

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M 'z Tune release



The roadster of M 'z Tune was put on the market though it was thought that it had already known that it did not consider it.

I will see with Caccoii's once terribly also on the homepage of Mazda though it is

It is terrible and Caccoii. However, it is regrettable that there is no RHT. Though it might have to be a hood if it goes from the concept.
The color is only this silver. Do not you go out slowly a gayer color?

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RX-7 meeting participation


I'm home the association of running in the Tsukuba circuit.
Holding by course 1000 unfortunate rainfall. Moreover, (temperature six
degrees) in getting excited cold.
The tire doesn't get warm either. The course is.
What is such a severe situation to run in the circuit about the life

It was possible to participate because the number of people was
insufficient though it was, and a basis RX7 meeting.
It enters the war with Mr. (RX-8) of the superior in a former company.

Mr.'s number is No.18 of the ace. Though it is made to do.
My Zekkennambar is thank-you.

2006120902.jpg 2006120903.jpg
However, rolling up of needing to of 7 it is the yell. To my.. car of this thinking ..wanting ..money.. disregard it...
There was a running association of other Rod and ELISE today, too.
Participation with lent Donormal maybe was like me.
It enters and . of the roll bar in that though there was another NC. ..good... RHT is roll bar because it is impossible. It is Shut when turning sideways.

Running of eyes .... immediately once.
No, it is scarier than the imagination. It slips when it is thought ..fear.. ー because everybody who slips ..Zlzl.. is seen for rain, and I also go out to the course ..the re-slipping of this...
The grip is not effective.
Moreover, because G hangs more than the imagination, I in a normal seat am unintentional in the
left in right. Hope of bucket seat it.

Even this situation : the velocity of 7 by 40 secs in the first half of the fee though time is written in the following. No, because the spec is different.

As for me, Mr.Kanepee's slow lap time decided to aim at the stand for the time being for 55

However, the wall is large spin in the compound corner when a little thick holding out more than the imagination. It was spin of the first life. The car will not turn so much.
The panic momentarily of the turn is yes.
In the next.. first hairpin in addition, the spin of Miti of one-rotation half ..there are several.. ..panting.. while no Ma.
It avoided it though it was thought, "Knocked against" though it was made to do ..everybody... The trouble was put.

However, time contracts for about five seconds, and man reaches the stand for 55 seconds of the target by the fourth running after massaging, making use of the situation in which the spin is done easily, and acquiring the sense that clears the corner while sliding Kets in the grip limit in the corner of great when becoming accustomed.

It is understood that the timing that the counter of standing up applies is considerably important.
Afterwards, it was able to slip from the start of the final corner to standing up for a long time though it was not a situation that became this getting off in the fifth running rain, and was able to start very straight and it became it when it held out where it went oppositely by the drift.

It passes, it stands up the final corner the condition ride however, and large
It stopped on the wall immediately before the clash, and it was scary.

It slides, and Zlzling ends without learning by experience afterwards in the place where the average lap time was able to be given.
The limit performance of the car is I see. Rod indeed has the thing with very high cornering performance. When remaining, a quick handling was not and was able to be felt by me.
I want the acceleration feeling a little more in the engine though it laughs, it compares with and 7, and it doesn't disregard it ..wanting the belief that the character of the tire it is about the grip.. ..(... Does not turbo go out?

Because there are neither nor an accident and it was possible to come rather without
putting up the wound, it does well though it was a circuit of the life departure.
It was happy.
Going out this time changes and is going out seat.

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Compatibility of BOSE and roadster


Tentatively, my roadster is applying the iPod connection kit by attaching HDD
Nabis for BOSE.

Then, the bass region is too strong, the sound shuts oneself up when it is a speaker of BOSE, and I hear it though it usually thinks.
Especially, when a retractable hardtop is closed, it is felt remarkably. Is it because the sealing up rate is high?
Heavy Hip Hop and the house are heard and the sound shuts oneself up in the car though it adjusts because the equalizer is fortunately attached.

Because the omission of the sound is good if it is a hood, isn't it so?The type of the hood of the noise etc. seems to be actually fewer.
(The noise is noise generated from the inside even if it says, and for the hood car though an outside noise enters. )
When the vibration from the subwoofer part of the right leg drives in the speaker of the BOSE sound, some is anxious. The base sound that also the good face and sounds from the subwoofer is considerably excited in the meaning transmitted directly though it comes to crack to the sound a little.
There is a presence.

The upper register is beautifully expressed .... recently though JAZZ etc.
are thrown.
Because it transmits directly from the inside compass speaker in the seat
backing part.

It is a sink and saying oppositely is not does a be known whether JAZZ Piano etc.
are recommended in the opening a little gracefully.

It was My roadster sound review.

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feel..."Jinba ittai"


It has run lightly because there was business that should start after work ends today.

It runs up to 800km with.
Is it an oil change at the end of this week?It is a Tsukuba circuit at the end of
this week thinking.

By chance..think..write..roadster..concept..person..horse..on earth.

I am not having gotten on on earth in NA, and this person horse can feel it very much though NB is a level only of test ride though it is a word, NC, and it is heavier RHT.

Of course, it is possible to drive in me with the oneness than what kind of car has been taken before though NC of a light hood car thinks that it is felt.
Shift feeling with good Cokicoki small feeling.
If it is up to about 140 km/h, it is an engine that is the stress and
Seat of low Kiza point with moderate being encompassed feeling.
Handling performance that starts being curved by not only head but
also the entire body.
Foot time that can run in Ciccitsu and Waiding.
Behavior that expresses failure of my accelerator work directly.
Fuel cost is unexpectedly terrible and good.
It is felt that it is lighter than a light light car had been taken
before. Naturally,
The rigidity goes up by feeling with the body that RHT is closed.

My felt person horse oneness is such a point though it is more fully.
Of course, the room having is of the improvement here.
When the seat is too deep, and it opens, the elbow is not put on the window
When the clutch is operated, foot Wrest is hit.
The drink holder of the door hits the knee.
When the drink holder at the center puts the drink in, the shift operation is
As for RHT, there is no storage space in the back of the seat, and the thing
cannot be put on the back of the seat unlike the hood.
The remote control reception part doesn't occasionally receive the steering
wheel switch for the side of the seat.

There is little influence in the part where running is embodied though the
improvement point is given.
Extent of improvement of interior.

There is no obstacle in the place where the person horse integral is felt.

This car also has the concept of every car that becomes happy.
At present, for about two weeks after Rod comes.
Terrible, happy every day is spent.
Maybe, it is love. Is it a fool?
However, it cannot be helped because it loves.

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Roadster RHT Gallery


Time power angle that is not -. retreat
Thus, it has driven to a certain field thinking that everybody learns the charm of roadster RHT. It stops to the center of the field and it takes a picture.

It sees and goodness or more.

.....Betta taeniata.. ..Has.. summons first of all.. from the angle on side.
It looks beautifully admiringly from the reception desk still ....hips.. elegant... However, it becomes it if it is said that some spaces between the fender and the tire are anxious because wheels are 16 inches.
It is felt that there are Kiza and a right and left volume because the bonnet is unexpectedly flat.

When it is a photograph from true side, is not the space between the tire and the fender anxious so much?Feeling suitable for size of body.
If the angle that takes the photograph is low a little more, is the lifting up design in the point part of the trunk lid of the original RHT design understood?

It changes considerably according to the seen angle though it is an
impression of Frontonorz.
It is feeling dauntless when seeing from the diagonal though it is
lovely when viewing it from the front.

The opening is considerably pleasant in the day when it clears up
after all.
In such non-daily life, Mazda that matches it is the taste highest in
about three million yen.

By the way, it joined Rordostarcrabobjapan. Please continue your favors toward everybody because Ofmeting also will participate in the future.

Accustoming driving 500km end for the time being.

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My Roadster Details & Name decision


It took a picture of today in the morning because a tidy photograph at night the other
day was not able to be taken.

It tentatively thought about the name. A blue cat or blue monkey or blue lei has already hurt and
done though thought variously.
Because it was, and beautiful with great pains Iro, it was named, "Iorait title".
Because it looks like the color of Iorait (jewel). Isn't it good?

I introduce each part of and the Iorait title that should be
By the way, the grade of the Iorait title is ROADSTER RHT 5MT.

- The photograph expands when clicking.

First of all, face.

Because the bumper has been changed into the nose of the Mazda speed, it becomes stern feeling.
It is reluctant because it was installed when the report is done though the reality wanted to take the emblem of Mazda, and to show the nose to be long.
It removes if there is chance.

Frontogrilgarnish doesn't attach to Matsspinorz. If "Premium feeling" that Mazda expresses is requested, normality is more recommended. In the mesh part in the grill, it is considerably pleasant. Nampre is put up near lower right and substituted sooner or later.

There is a mesh because it doesn't apply the fog lamp, and I will apply it in the future because here is applied detaching it.

The following are the details of each part.

- Light part and painting

It is Discharger Head Ramp. Tying discernment .
The design processing around here is considerably fine.

The shine of the mica shines in azure blue though it is thought that the color of a stormy, blue mica that is this new color like seeing the photograph of the improvement and understanding, etc. is understood well. It is an elegant shade because it discolors considerably at the seen angle. Luxury?

- Wheel

The wheel is made 16 inches of purity.
The reason was the cheapest because I think that the size of this was suitable for the roadster though it was. It changes it again when coming to want to change it. Whether it runs easily in this when thinking about the body balance, it : 17 inches seen with the catalog in shape in it.

- Interior system

The panel surroundings are refreshing.
However, other equipment is not applied at all for Nabis of the type of the dash in the
Inn. The extendibility is none at all.
Can the console panel putting substitution do sooner or later?
The fingerprint stands out in the panel part of a piano black. ..Betabeta.. do not touch
so much.

There is no ashtray. Only the socket. The switch seems to attach to the right of the cigar socket when the seat heater option is applied.

Is it nerdy to postpone the code when the iPod connection kit is applied?Please charge

The steering wheel bends meter system is five eye meter I'm sorry though they are incompr
ehensible in some hands.
It is easy to see very much because a low reflection is Garascorted.

This is considerably severe though it is steering wheel remote control. The operation is not occasionally perceived by the operation while driving because it does of what and it is under the storage box of the side of the seat whether it is a beer the sensor of the reception of the signal of remote control.
I wanted you to apply the reception sensor to another place a little more though and I had saying as hiding because the body was strapping.

- RHT (retractable hardtop) roof circumference.

The storage part of the roof in the back of the seat becomes empty in the great deal.
Because the noise measures and here are hardly performed by one iron plate alone, the loading noise is heard directly. Because the sound shuts considerably oneself up around in exceeded 60 km/h indoors, something noise measures might be necessary in this.
The kit said so will go out in the future.

Do not put the thing. The smilingbroadly.
Be not miserable when it closes without noticing because it puts it.

The arm-affiliated is baring to driving part of the roof.
It is necessary not to pack the finger or the hair.
The opening and shutting speed is really fast. When opening and shutting, height is not needed so much. The open close can be done by room though our only 150cm parking lots exist.
The trunk is high Kets when they are fair lady Z roadsters and other electric openings and opens and shuts, and roadster RHT opens and shuts with Bacatsu snugly and smoothly though it opens.

I think that the perfection is generally high.
The feeling of running is terrible and good. The expansion is good in feeling of going out to the extent that it steps from there to about 6000 rotations though it suppresses by 3000 rotations by three velocities because it is accustoming though yesterday has run only a little in the middle of the night, too.
Is this a sports car?It is feeling.
It is thought that run the accustoming about 500km at the end of this week.

Next FTO and two-shot. It fiddles considerably this FTO.
My Iorait title is shape.
However, I like FTO. Do not want to become this driver happily by me.

Please continue your favors toward title and Iorait me RAVE in the future.

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Author Name:Rave

MyCar Name:Iolite
Tokyo Shinagawa Ward living. Occupation WEB director.
Grade:Roadster 5MT



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